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"Sometimes I Win, Sometimes I Luge!"

Name: Gregg Kilben

Current Alias: "The Luger"/KCW Commish

Past Alias': "The Fly Guy", "The Great Hope",
"The Maniac", "Le Gui De Flei"

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 230 lbs.

Gregg Kilben has been a mainstay in wrestling for years, nay, decades. He has won numerous championships, including several world belts. Holding the GGCW World, GGCW Harkorer, and the MCW Kumate Championship during his career has led Gregg to great heights. He took the helm of KCW after a falling out with MCW and GGCW. He has had several runs as Tag Champ with Brice Welter as "Blue Crush". As a tag team, they took Tag Wrestling to new levels in numerous TLC matches, in which careers were ended. He still heads up KCW, even though ratings aren't all that great.

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