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Christ is the New Hotness

Brice Welter
Height - 5'10
Weight - 210 lbs (Billed Weight)
Age - 23 (Poosibly
Finisher - Christ Cross, Heaven's Shooter

Brice Welter hails from Chicago Illonois. Dubbed the "New Hotness" Welter has become one of the single most decorated champions in RAW history. Welter has held the World Title, Tag Title, and IC Title on numerous occasions. Welter has become the main antagonist on RAW over the past three years. It was not until he faced P-Insamity in a "Baby or Baptism" match that he discovered his true place on this Earth (...and the heavens). After being Baptised infront of a live audience Welter discovered his past. Brice was in fact or so he believes the heir of God. He has now become known as "Just Christ" Welter. Where does this new religous awakening leave one of the top RAW superstars? Only time will tell, but if he is "just Christ" shouldn't he already know?