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NAME: Bebop
HEIGHT: 5' 4"
WEIGHT: 325.5 lbs
WEAPON: Fists is good, but guns is better!
FAVORITE FOOD: Hot dogs and rhubarb pie

Me and my bestest buddy, Rocksteady, was just normal human-bean-type peoples until da Boss decided ta makes us into mutant-type peoples. We used ta have fun bullyin' peoples on our block, but tanks to da Boss we gets ta bully lots more stupid peoples all over da universe! Da Boss is real smart... smarter den Rocksteady even! Rocksteady used ta be da smartest guy I knew, dat is until I met da Boss. Da Boss is smarter den Rocksteady. Rocksteady is real smart, but not as smart as da Boss.

My favorite thing ta do is fight. Fightin' is real fun, and ya doesn't gotta read no stupid books or nuthin' ta fight real good. I is a tough guy, ya know what I'm sayin'? I think I can beat Rocksteady inna fight. I dunno if I could beat da Boss... he's real tough. I is real tough, but da Boss is real tough, too. I dunno if I could beat da Boss inna fight, though. Sometimes I wonders if I could beat da Boss, but den he starts yellin' real loud and dat kinda scares me. He gets dese little veins in his forehead poppin' when he yells and he turns kinda purple-red-like. He looks kinda scary like dat. He's pretty tough, too. I don't think I could beat da Boss. I think I could beat Rocksteady, but you couldn't. Rocksteady is real tough. But I is tougher den him. But da Boss is tougher den me, dat's what I think. I don't think I wanna fight da Boss, cuz he's real tough.

I has got ta travel ta lotsa places all around da universe wit da Boss and dat funny little pink guy, Kramp, I think he's called... he's a weird little pink-type peoples, but he don't look like no normal peoples, dat's for sure! He don't even look like no normal mutant-type peoples! He yells alot, too... maybe dat's why him and da Boss is friends, cuz dey both likes ta yell alla time. I know I could really beat dat Kramp guy easy! Da Boss could, too... sometimes I dunno why da Boss has da pink-man around. He has lotsa weird machines dat da Boss likes ta use, but dat Kramp guy, he's annoyin', ya know what I'm sayin'? I kinda wanna smash him sometimes... like a little pink bug! Heh heh heh! Dat would be cool! But da Boss, he don't wanna let me do dat just yet... maybe some day, tho... I is bored. I needs ta go break somethin' with my buddy Rocksteady! He's real smart, dat Rocksteady! Not as smart as da Boss, but he's smart, alright!

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