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My presciption is pain!

Allison Baynard
Height - 5'2
Weight - 101 lbs
Age - 24
Finisher - Cape Crusader Clothesline (Flying Clothesline)
Arch Enemy - Brice Welter

Pyschologist turned Valet turned proffesional wrestler is the perfect summary of Allison's career. After being turned on by ex-boyfriend Brice Welter (when he left her for Sarah Peters) Allison ended her career as a manager and decided to step into the ring. She used her degree in psychology to analyze her opponents and decipher their next move. Her whereabouts were unknown after she took a spill to the outside or the ring because of a SHAQ! super powerbomb during the 2003 Royal Rumble. Her return raises many questions? How will Brice Welter respond? Should SHAQ watch his back? Is the Sarah Peters/Allison Baynard wrestlemania match finally going to happen?